Automation is transforming the way cannabis is grown.

Knowledge and experience combined with an integrated, complete solution make Wadsworth Controls the first choice for cannabis production.

Beginning with an advanced, integrated controller, software that tracks and replicates best growing practices, while offering remote access, a light dep design that’s been keeping greenhouses dark for over 40-years and a venting system that’s responsive and easy to install.

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Light Deprivation Curtains

We‘re not afraid of the dark!

And why would we be? With over 40-years of experience in light deprivation and blackout curtains, we are your first choice for optimum darkness and reliability. Our projects are individually engineered to provide a perfect fit every time.

  • Total control over day length for light-sensitive plants
  • Automated retractable system
  • Turnkey solution
    • Custom engineered drawing for a light-tight fit every time
    • Step-by-step installation guide
    • Includes drive unit
    • Manual interface panel(s)
  • All supplemental light stays in the greenhouse
  • 3-layer fabric for complete darkness
  • No light pollution at night
    • Compliance of local regulations
    • Maintains privacy
  • No light-contamination from outside sources
  • Fabric humidity control keeps moisture from condensing on the curtain
  • All curtain systems have a firebreak or are flame retardant fabric
  • Curtain is UV stable for long life
  • Long-life, high quality fabric
  • Positive drive rack and pinion system means no cables to adjust
  • Fabric glides between stationary lines
  • Built-in safety limits protect your system and your structure
  • Small bundle size ensures maximum sun when the system is uncovered
  • Flexible design allows for easy installation for new construction and retrofit projects
  • Effective cooling when a reflective upper surface is chosen
  • Energy savings
  • Decreased carbon footprint


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Introducing Seed
A remarkable new touchscreen climate control with a user interface that makes managing multiple zones child’s play. Engineered for power; designed for ease.
  • Highly responsive touchscreen technology
  • Graphic interface provides extensive information at a glance
  • Navigate easily with a swipe of the screen
  • Design accommodates beginners and experts
  • Seamless access from multi-zone home screen to detailed settings for individual equipment
  • Color coding indicates each zone’s status, allowing an overview of multiple zones from the home screen
  • All screens feature:
    • Time periods
    • Sensor readings
    • Banner image with outdoor conditions, rain, snow, day or night
    • Data from Weather Station (temp, humidity, wind speed & direction and PAR)
    • Sunrise and sunset tracking
  • Current Conditions screen displays comprehensive information for each zone including:
    • STATUS listing of each equipment’s current conditions
    • WHY CODE listing displays reason for equipment status
    • Desired temperature range
    • Current Temperature
  • View equipment settings, overrides, lockout and setpoints from a single screen
  • Intuitive programming directs user to appropriate screen based on equipment functionality (e.g. curtains – heating, solar, cooling)
  • Tracks Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) and Accumulated Solar Intensity (DLI) in a variety of units
  • Based on the above tracking, controller will respond with supplemental lighting and irrigation
  • View and adjust each zone’s time periods from a single screen
  • Adjust settings in the greenhouse, at the control
  • Select multiple sensors and equipment to graph on Charting screen
  • Charting screen tracks equipment usage and sensor readings over a 7-day period
  • Graph data can be viewed from a single week down to hourly increments, and anything in-between
  • Small cabinet allows for easy installation
  • Modular design allows for easy expansion of inputs/outputs

Meet the brains behind your operation. Built to manage the sophisticated cannabis environment, controls light levels, CO2, light dep, irrigation, cooling and heating for up to eight zones.
Partner with our Satellite control to make it even more powerful. VersiSTEP offers powerful integration for your complex growing environment.

Sophisticated sensors offer precision control:

  • light levels
  • CO2
  • humidity
  • temperature
  • cooling
  • heating
  • 1-8 zone control
  • 3 setpoint periods—day, night and DIF
  • 24 relay outputs with manual override switches
  • 16 additional outputs when you order the VersiSTEP Satellite
  • Replaceable 10 amp DPDT relays, can operate a wide variety of equipment — these relays reduce the cost of your contactor panel
  • 4 analog outputs (0 to 10VDC) to control variable-speed fans and modulating valves
  • 32 analog input channels for connecting light, CO2, RH and temperature sensors
  • 8 digital detector channels sense precipitation, wind speed and direction
  • Records the status of all inputs and outputs in 15-minute increments
  • Alarm outputs: temperature, RH and power failure
  • Large display includes menu-driven choices and graphic functions
  • Keypad for easy operation
  • Durable corrosion-resistant cabinet with locking door protects your control
  • Cabinet size: 32″ x 24″ x 5″
  • Solar-guarded aspirated temperature and humidity sensor and 100′ of cable
STEPsaver Software
Add the convenience of remote access to your environmental control allowing you to manage your greenhouse and monitor conditions from your Smartphone or computer. STEPsaver provides a single view of all of your greenhouse zones and offers advanced data logging and analysis tools to help you manage your crop.
STEPsaver as a Productivity Tool
  • Multiple Document Interface allows you to view and cross reference information like setpoints, or make comparisons between zones
  • Allows for remote consultation and training
  • Provides an arena for learning full capabilities of your VersiSTEP
  • STEPsaver’s powerful tools help you view, interpret and manage greenhouse climate data and settings at the control or remotely
  • View conditions for the entire greenhouse range at a glance
  • Allows you to see and change the settings for any controller in any zone
  • Not limited to a single user/computer. No extra charge or subscription fees for sites with a Local Area Network
  • Remote access allow you to monitor and change greenhouse conditions from your Smartphone, tablet or computer
  • STEPsaver Imaging provides a comprehensive snapshot of settings so you can replicate previous success
STEPsaver as an Analysis Tool
  • STEPsaver expands the graphing power of your Wadsworth integrated control
  • Analyze temperature and equipment usage
  • Compare data between zones
  • Filter data to pinpoint every data entry, or broaden your view to a few points that represent hours or a whole day. Spot long-term trends by hiding detail
  • Create custom graphs of your data to analyze sensor readings, equipment use and weather
  • Download data
STEPsaver as a Management Tool
  • Transfer and store data
  • Built-in reporting tools
  • Monitor and manage your energy consumption
  • Confirm that systems ran as you expected
  • View the average temperature and humidity for day, night and DIF
  • Manage access to settings with user names and passwords
Smart watering practices are something every grower understands. Crops depend on it; costs demand it. Our VersiSTEP controller manages irrigation needs while maintaining the perfect growing climate.
  • 3 independent, but integrated settings fine tune irrigation
    • – elapsed time down to the second
    • – accumulated light
    • – accumulated Vapor Pressure Gradient (VPG)
  • VersiSTEP interfaces with fertigation injectors using a standard solenoid valve regulated through the control’s irrigation program. The injector makes the decision for dose and the control manages the watering schedule
  • Coordinate your available water pressure and volume to do more watering in the time available
  • Be sure the benches that have waited longest for water are irrigated first
  • Accommodates individual schedules for as many as 24 valves using VersiSTEP. Partner Wadsworth’s Satellite with the VersiSTEP control for an additional 16 valves for a total of 40 valves.
  • STEPsaver software allows remote access to your greenhouse
  • Large, backlit screen
  • A user interface that’s simple to use with easy to navigate menus
  • Increase profits by using water, fertilizer and other treatments efficiently
  • VersiSTEP and EnviroSTEP integrated controls help crop irrigation while maintaining the perfect growing environment
  • Let your expert personnel have their hands and eyes on the crop, not a watering wand
  • Better crop quality
  • Decreased waste and associated costs

Trust Wadsworth to design beyond your expectations.

Hydroponics and Marijuana
Unlock the world of hydroponic cannabis growing with our high-performance VersiSTEP controller.
  • The VersiSTEP control arrives preprogrammed and ready to go; fine tune settings to suit your environment
  • 3 setpoint periods – day, night and DIF
  • Large display screen with menu-driven choices and graphing functions
  • Keypad for easy operation
  • 12-40 relay outputs with manual override switches
  • Analog input channels for connecting light, CO2, RH and temperature sensors
  • Digital detector channels sense precipitation, wind speed and wind direction
  • Records the status of all inputs and outputs in 15-minute increments
  • Alarm outputs: temperature, RH and power failure
  • Replaceable 10 amp DPDT relays can operate a wide variety of equipment.
    These relays reduce the cost of your contactor panel
  • Durable corrosion-resistant cabinet with locking door protects your control

Basing irrigation on time, humidity, light levels and vapor-pressure gradient (VPG), VersiSTEP uses your settings to analyze and respond to the growing environment creating the perfect climate conditions. Data readings provide information to determine the exact amount of water you want your crop to receive, while managing lights, CO2, humidity, temperature, cooling and heating. VersiSTEP is flexible enough to control all aspects of your growing environment, including monitoring outdoor weather conditions.
Combining the VersiSTEP controller with STEPsaver software enables remote access and allows you to monitor and manage your crop remotely.



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As the first name in greenhouse automation in North America, we continue to allow ourselves the freedom to imagine and invent new solutions and technology. When you pair this drive to create with over sixty years of experience, you have an unbeatable combination.

Wadsworth’s simple, versatile designs have always led the way, which is why we’re in the Horticultural Hall of Fame, and in more greenhouses than any other climate control company in the U.S.











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